Specialists Treatments

Our resident Cosmetic Physician, Dr George Kassar can turn back time, giving you back your youthful glow, with his muscle relaxing and dermal filler injections.

Theresa Dang – Artist and Trainer – Theresa Dang specialises in Cosmetic Tattooing and Micro Blading.  Truly natural cosmetic tattooing and micro blading techniques specifically designed for each client.

Package NamePrice
Cosmetic Physician
Muscle relaxants from $250 to $600
Fillers from $590 for 1ml (facial contouring)
LIPP Fillers (1ml) from $590
(top up required from 9-12 months)
Cosmetic Tattooist
Eye Brows$550
Top Eyeliner $350
Bottom Eyeliner $250
Top and Bottom Eyeliner $550
Lip Liner and Blend $500
Full Lip Colour $700