Rosacea Skin – We have the answer

Rosacea Skin – We have the answer

Using the wrong skin care can be a contributing factor when it comes to the most common skin condition, Rosacea. Many over the counter products contain harsh chemicals, soaps and fragrances that strip the skin of its natural moisture and erode the outer layer of your skin.

@Femme Fatale, we have many years experience in treating this condition with outstanding results, using only the highest medical grade ingredients, #ElixirRX.

The use of Cooling Silk Gel and Lipid Infusion will help to cool the skin and diffuse redness, add nourishment and hydration, needed for healthy epidermal function.

If you experience enlarged capillaries, a permanent flush across the nose & cheeks, pimples on the forehead, cheeks & chin, mildly swollen cheeks & nose, frequent blushing, a rash, & burning or stinging, you may have #rosacea!

Do your skin a favour and call us on (02) 9589 0818 for treatment and advice, try #ElixirRX it will totally change the skin you’re in! 😍😀 

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