Moisture Protect


Hydra Fusion

Description: A potent combination of soothing anti-bacterials help fight bacteria and microbes that keep skin in a reactive state & provide wound healing, mild exfoliation & moisture retention. Natural moisture factor, Hyaluronic Acid & specific lipids give noticeable anti-ageing & anti-wrinkle effects for complete cellular rejuvenation of damaged skin

Benefits: Luxurious feel & superior hydration. High quality ingredients work synergistically to heal impaired barrier function, reduce redness & provide optimal moisture levels, cell protection & nutrition resulting in luminous, plump & healthy skin

Skin Type: Healing / Sensitive / All

Application: Apply a small amount twice daily or as needed



DMAE Collagen Moisturiser

Benefits: Luxurious & silky treatment emulsion that works deeply targeting sagging, collagen, elastin & lipid deficient skins. Synergistic blend of Vegan DMAE, MSM & organic phytolipids restructure the thinning dermal/epidermal layers to dramatically firm, tighten & plump restoring youthful, essential protein scaffolding & connective tissue. Brown age spots are diminished through cellular stabilisation & boosting age related, accumulative toxin removal. 75% Organic

Skin Type: Mature / Dry / Dehydrated / Healing / Sensitive / Stressed

Application: Apply 1 – 2 pea size as needed


Hydra Catalyst +

Ultimate DNA Restructuring Moisturiser + SPF

Benefits: Optimal cutting edge DNA repair, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, lightening, hydration & protection. Infuses skin with technologically advanced biomimetic peptides, natural moisturising factors, lipids, cellular energy boosters & anti-oxidants. Complete age reversal complex with superior, silky feel

Skin Type: Dry / Dehydrated / Healing / Sensitive / ALL

Application: Apply 1 – 2 pea size as needed Essential targets of Hydra Catalyst +: 1 – DNA / Cell Support 2 – Anti-ageing / Anti-wrinkle 3 – Anti-oxidant / Nutrients Supporting these 4 fundamental areas of concern requires the intricate framework of key actives that are suspended in a luxurious emollient platform, executing delivery to the critical skin ma




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