Vitality 3D – Immune Protection Serum


Vitality 3D

Active B 10%

Benefits: Potent immune protection, anti-inflammatory, inhibits pigmentation, balances moisture & repairs barrier. Radiance restored immediately

Key Actives Niacinamide – Vitamin B3 • Repairs barrier function – reducing sensitivity • Potent anti-inflammatory – calming atopic skin disorders • Inhibits Melanosome transfer to Keratinocyte – normalising hyperpigmentation • Maintains surveillance function of Langerhan Cells during UV exposure – reducing tumour formation • Regulates moisture levels – over active sebaceous activity slowed – hydration levels restored • Delivery mechanism for other nutrients Hyaluronic Acid • Natural Moisturising Factor that attracts + binds up to 1000 X its own weight in moisture • Plumps surface tissue to alleviate dry, thinning skin • Assists wound healing + repairs barrier function • Inhibits Trans Epidermal Water Loss– essential for atopic skins Hyaluronic Acid – Ultra Low Weight • Trials indicate a reduction in immune-derived inflammation, improving scaling, erythema & pruritus. Effective Seborrheic Dermatitis Rx • Biological activity triggers built-in immune defence mechanisms whilst inducing anti-bacterial responses effectively healing skins epithelium • Penetrates effectively to rebuild + plump deeper layers firming the skins surface • Replenishes the hydration factors diminished with ageing + sun damage to mimic youthful levels Sodium PCA • Natural Moisturising Factor – providing long term correction to dehydration Physiological hydrators offer long term restoration to treat NMF + LIPID deficiencies

Skin Type: All

Application: 1-2 pea size AM & PM as step 2. Can mix with other serums

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