Hydra DNA Shield


Hydra DNA Shield + P2

Zinc + TO2 + B3 + C + T4 + Hyaluronic + L22  pH 8.0

Benefits: Optimal cutting edge DNA repair & protection, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, lightening & hydration. Infuses skin with technologically advanced biomimetic peptide, potent vitamins, anti-oxidants, natural moisturising factors & lipids. Compounded with platinum calibre Zinc 20% & Titanium Dioxide15% for ageless skin. This vital nourishing, tightly knitted mesh calms & guards against premature ageing, creating a physical barrier to UV ray absorption. The free radical cascade induced by extreme radiation is inhibited. Complete youth restoration complex with superior, silky feel

Skin Type: Dry / Dehydrated / Healing / Sensitive / ALL

Application: 2 pumps as last STEP or before make-up in AM. Re-apply if needed during UV exposure. Can be used PM as last STEP as anti-inflammatory night moisturiser if needed

Essential targets of Zinc / To2 DNA Protect +: 1 – DNA Repair & Protection / Cell Support 2 – Anti-ageing / Anti-wrinkle 3 – Anti-oxidant / Nutrients

Supporting these 4 fundamental areas of concern requires the intricate framework of key actives that are suspended in a luxurious emollient platform, executing delivery to the critical skin matrix

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